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Machine Learning & Its Impact:
6 Ways It's Changing Digital Advertising for the Better

Digital advertising tactics are ever-changing. If your tools don't enable you to personalize ads, maximize ROAS, or predict and forecast propensity to buy, you're losing to the competition.

The solution? Machine learning.

  • 41% of advertisers are using machine learning to deliver personalization at scale.
  • 84% of marketing leaders believe using AI/ML enhances the marketing function’s ability to deliver real-time, personalized experiences to customers.

Dive into our infographic highlighting:

  • How machine learning is transforming digital ads for the better 
  • The 6 benefits of machine learning for digital
    advertising initiatives

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Scuba supercharges machine learning at
enterprise scale & agility

Connect, Discover, Activate & Measure

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Eliminate data supply chain delays

Enable high-velocity event data to flow in real-time free of data prepping bottlenecks across customer touchpoints to sub-second actionable insights.

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Limitless scale, precision & exploration

Reimagine data exploration with visual queries and EdgeML. Real-time ingestion, sub-second analysis and activation facilitate a continuous data loop, unleashing the true potential of ML and AI.

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Unleash your advertising budget's full potential

Embrace hyper-granular targeting to skyrocket your ROAS! This powerful strategy hones in on your ideal audience, transforming every marketing dollar into extraordinary results.


Accelerate product development & growth

Close the gap between launch and performance measurement. Scuba empowers teams like never before with instant data access feedback and measurement to bolster growth.