Customer Journey Analytics for Salesforce and CDPs for Continuous CX Intelligence

First-party data is digital gold for marketing and customer experience teams to drive customer engagement and sales. However, to take action on the rich insights from platforms like Salesforce and CDPs, CX teams require end-to-end customer journey analytics mapping within a single view.

The manual efforts to stitch together customer journeys from various channels, touch points and systems into legacy BI visualization tools is time-consuming.  Data preparation, integrations and learning how to run complex SQL queries make it difficult to understand and measure customer journeys.

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That's why marketing, product and customer service teams are turning to Scuba’s continuous CX intelligence for self-service insights.

Scuba can work with Salesforce, CDPs, marketing automation tools and operational data to connect user and digital interactions for 360-degree customer analytics without complex SQL or reliance on technical experts to map customer journeys.

Scuba does not require data movement and can be used in your private or public cloud of choice without losing control, speed or security of your data.


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